When your mind is settled in the desert of life, your ground only provides the bare minimum as you live deprived of the bountiful rain.

Therefore, irrigate the arid land of your standards until water pools at your feet, allowing you to enjoy a lifetime of bathing in this infinite oasis of plenitude.



What if the world was a big ball of energy vibrating to the sound of nature?

A globe composed of tiny particles cautiously listening to the music life emits before dancing to the silent rumble of the beat that forms the earthly sphere you live in?


If it is so, then whatever is within this world, including yourself, is also pure energy pulsating to the frequencies of all living things.

Therefore, pin yourself to higher measures, listen to the right track of life, find yourself in sync with the vibration of laughter; pulsates on the wavelength of love, gather abundance around you and aligns with people and experiences matching this vibration of yours.

Extract of the upcoming book "A Truth About... "


A blank piece of paper at the start of your day
becomes, at night, a letter filled with your expressions,
you annotated with your thoughts and reflections.


What does your letter say?

For it is being read and interpreted by the Universe
as requests to attract more of what you focused on that day,
so whatever has been said or thought is now coming about

And hence, for the good or the bad occurring in your life,
in full measure, only you are responsible for it all,
for it is the script of your own dialogue.

Rub off any words or thoughts negatively charged
and post instead, to the Recipient, a set monologue
that magnetizes whatever it is you long for.

With your senses, project your crafted future,
so you convey to your mind a clear picture
defined with such passion and appreciation

That your excitements are set in caps lock bold
as they jot themselves down on your correspondence

And with your moving messages,
you direct the Universe to deliver to your mailbox
what has been energetically expressed.

A truth about affirmations?

They are positive declarations that put you in charge of your life
They are statements predicting your next chapter
They are amendments that can rectify any imperfection

And sealed with sincere gratitude,
your letter, now enveloped in candid emotions
is stamped by the heart of the Universe

That then unleashes its cosmic energy
to mark every day in your calendar
as a red-letter day.


You decide on the path you want to take in your life.

You may choose the road of happiness, the road of love, the road of success, abundance or the path that leads to all. You name it.

So whatever your choice is, you probably get prepared, map in hand, and once you feel ready and steady, then off you go. Easy as pie – so you think – all you need to do is get from A to B.

Unfortunately, unexpectedly and annoyingly, on your journey to B, there are road works in your itinerary. The path you planned on taking has been torn apart and bright flashing light signals warn you that you cannot take this way to reach your desired destination.

diversion - drive-44363__480.png

Hmmm, not what you have been expecting. Now you are being redirected on a new road that you have never even considered using and additionally, this new direction is taking you way beyond your limits.

And so, you’ve started from A and now are being redirected to C, then to D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z to then finally arrive to B.

Gosh! You could have been at B with the snap of a finger. Why do you have to go through all of that deviation? What a ridiculous detour! A total waste of your precious time!

But do you really have a choice? If you still want to get to B, no, you do not. So faithfully, you get to follow the diverted traffic road signs placed along the route, and trust that this itinerary is going to test you and challenge your perseverance.

To start with, irritatingly, you will often think the road signs are useless, as they are more often than not confusing you. Indeed, even with the signalization, directions are not easy to follow and you sometimes end up lost, at dead ends… so you reverse back to the previous road sign and perhaps have to humble yourself and stop to ask people for directions.

Then once you are on the right track and get moving again, you follow the directives more attentively, more patiently, as it is rushing in the first place that got you lost.

Additionally, the narrow and difficult new routes you take will challenge your ability to pass through arduous times. Plus, on top of that, you will have to adapt to the new environment, to the people crossing your route, to the system and regulations and more.

Your boundaries are sure being tested, along with the depth of your desire to arrive at your chosen destination.

But what is the ignition that has initially gotten you started? What is the motive that made you move away from A?

Remembering the real reason, the “why?”, is the fuel that will feed your hunger to arrive at the end of your chosen path.

Just keep going, driven by your “why”, and throughout this diversion you get to discover new strengths; you get to educate yourself with the right code of conduct, which is the attitude you must have to move forward. You also get to realize that your desire to arrive at B surpasses all of the negatives you can come across. And for every milestone you go through, in that case from A to Z to get to B, for every single landmark, you gain in momentum with newer or improved qualities. And to sum them up, you become:

  • Adaptive

  • Courageous

  • Determined

  • Efficient

  • Focus

  • Goal-orientated

  • High-powered

  • Intrepid

  • Jubilant

  • Keen

  • Leader

  • Mindful

  • No excuses man/woman

  • Optimistic

  • Powerful

  • Quiescent

  • Risk taker

  • Skilled

  • Tenacious

  • Unique

  • Vivid

  • Worthy

  • X- traordinary

  • Your own self

  • Zealously Zen

  • And finally you become Brave.

Brave, because it takes a lot to chase your own desire and to never give up until the outcome has been fulfilled. It takes delay, detour, frustration, and courage to undertake a challenging path.

In your lifetime, you will aim for specific directions but you will get sidetracked by the circumstances of your day-to-day life and must afterwards undertake an un-chosen and unplanned route. So make sure that you have fueled your spirit with a positive attitude so you can face these unexpected changes with optimism and without a fear of failing. Believe in yourself and believe that the indications you receive will take you to where you want to be.

And now, there is something you must know. The truth is that the road was never under construction. It was an illusion, a reflection of yourself, as actually, you were the one that was under construction. Because sometimes you need to be broken, smashed, and drilled into so you can mature into a better self. And as you grow and mend, then you unveil qualities that otherwise would never have been dug up.  

DIVERSION - road-sign-1280242__480.jpg

So in the end, you will understand that this struggle was the perfect itinerary for you. And once you have reached B, enjoy your accomplishment. Share the news. Celebrate. You deserve it.

However, you must then prepare soon after to unfold your next map and again take the road that will lead to your next desire. And now you know that once more, you will be under construction. But today you understand that no matter how badly damaged the road is, there is always another way.

Following it is all you will have to do. Never stop, keep going and always trust the “signs”. They will always lead you to a better place and a better “you”.


Post off topic… ;-) just for a bit of good banter ;-) :-) CAN ENGLAND WIN THE WORLD CUP?


But to ensure victory, this is not quite enough; FIFA would have to allow the English's cows on the field so they could add fresh milk to their refreshment teas during half time." 

This request also must be granted. Well obviously, a World Cup of Tea without tea or fresh milk would be like playing football without any balls.

But ok now, let’s come back down to Earth. Sure, it might be a bit late - to convince FIFA to change the name of the Cup and accept some new minor rules, but let’s give it a shot. Yup, we might fail, but would you rather wait another four years to put the odds in our favour?

Because if this is implemented, and we are now playing for the World Cup of Tea, the English team can finally feel they are in control. During the competition, they can playfully hold suspense, steeping for awhile to then show their true colours, a bright, brownish tone... but after 3 to 4 minutes they would add some milk, change their colours, and consequently, disorient their opponents. 

Winning this World Cup of Tea will be a piece of cake, or, as they would say “a piece of scone...” Indeed, the English Team would be sipping each victory but would still be true to themselves, as they would be slurping loudly in the ears of the teams they have defeated. So as they win the tournament they shout over and over again, proudly, “We've got our cuppa! We've got our cuppa!” 

Finally, more than half a century later, they can smell the aroma of victory, and they realise that 1966 does not seem that long ago anymore... as the whole English nation can at last taste the victory of the World Cup of Tea. And they all nod and agree, that it was actually the perfect brew. 



You entered the game the day you were born. 

And as you grew, you watched your instructors perform the game of life, and you often unconsciously decided to mimic their tactics and tackle life with their techniques, or choose your own way to compete.

And with the rules laid out by the society you live in, you are implementing everything you’ve learned, with the aim of scoring and accumulating points in every area of your life. The more points you get, the more fulfilled this specific aspect of your life will be.

Your adversaries, though, are trained to get the ball from you, and in your struggle to take it back, you lose your confidence regarding your mental or physical performance. You could run after them, tiring yourself out until you finally give in.

That is why, it is only when you have been trained to never give up, but to keep going, that you eventually get the ball back in your hands.

And this is why you must first train your mind to push you into action, and then exercise your body to make you act. And by doing that consistently, you will always know how to get the ball back - because your opponents will perpetually and patiently or sneakily look for your moments of weakness or inattention to make you lose the ball once again.

So when you have lost it and are running after them to get it back, your focus must be on your goals, your rewards and the cheering exclamations of your supporters; all this will give you the strength and skill required to stay on track. Moreover, when you score, it is not only a gain for yourself, as you also elevate the spirit of the crowd that is supporting you.

Thus, if you are not yet competent in the game of life, then your consistent belief in yourself, and your consistent training of your mind and body will help you prevail.

Then, when you humbly look around you, you will see that you are surrounded by a team. This team is yours, set up by synchronicity to help you win the game. So your partners will lead you and support you by catching the ball you throw at them whilst surrounded by your adversaries. And your team will dribble the ball for you and even move you forward on the pitch until together you play as one to find the solutions for you to make your goal.

Then, once you have scored, you must keep your defense and prepare to keep playing, as you are always back to square one – as your opponents are in possession of the ball and immediately, you must retrieve it and bring it back to your court. But notice that the more you score, the easier it will be to get the ball back. Because scoring gives you more strength, more stamina, more desire to keep going in that direction as you experience being a winner.

And remember that you have a set time to play the game. Stay focused though: do not look at the clock ticking, telling you the time you have left until your game is over. Only focus on what really matters, which is to bring your best efforts, your abilities, your love and passion so you can achieve for your life a high score. So to all of your matches, bring your A game.

Extract of the upcoming book "A Truth About..."



Would you mind feeding your soul?
It is starving for attention

It is patiently coping with you
while you load and or overload the boat you journey in

And while all the junk accumulated burdens your ship,
it also forces it dangerously toward the depths of the sea.

It is through your tacit crew’s upkeep
that you can stay afloat 

Or else, probably sooner than later, 
you will be caressing the sand at the bottom of the deep.

Would it not be better to sail unburdened?
To now and then refrain from bringing on more cargo?

As no matter
how wrecked your ship is

it can be mended to its former glory
setting you to cruise the entire ocean of life. 

A truth about fasting?

It is the remedy for ailments rusting your vessel
It rids you from the excess slowing you down

and the energy released from processing intake
now works to repair your ship from the inside out. 

You are sailing your boat as the captain
and can navigate toward the map of health,

where you can draw from the water
to become enriched by your own private fountain of undying youth.

Extract from the upcoming book, "A Truth About..."



BLOG IMAGES gossip-532012_1280.jpg

You won’t believe it
Are you ready for this?
Take heed of what you are about to hear.

The gossiping is about you.
Now open your eyes… see?
The finger is pointing at you

Slanderers are spilling their tongues out,
blasting your way of life or debating your merits
without seeing your perspective.

these defamers divulge your so-called secrets, 
parodying a chapter of your life

And their phony version of your story
spreads into the minds of avid listeners,
who are eager, perhaps, to echo it. 

It may be shocking, even saddening for you
to have your secrets whispered away, 
and so you must feel the pain of being unfairly defamed

But what a fate these gossipers have chosen,
for their karmic debt must be settled
and rest reassured, it is a fair price to pay. 

A truth about gossiping?

It is the tongue speaking evil
It is disclosing treasured secrets
It is intolerance and verbal dissonance

So a sad truth it is
that everyone, including you,
is guilty of it. 

Certainly, your tongue and lips have been made to chatter,
so keep babbling away while you point your finger

but rather than focusing on flaws
centre your attention on qualities

So when you come to speak about people
you now label them with loving words

As the words you used today to describe others
will come in time to define you.

Extract from the upcoming book, "A Truth About..."


BLOG IMAGE - the truth about your body.jpg

Until death do you part
You are stuck with your body 

Your mind and soul dwell inside your flesh,
not for an eternity but for a lifetime,
are youbound to each other.
So may you tie the knot with love.

Though if you are not in love with yourself
but instead feel discontentment,
then how appreciative will your body be
of what you yourself are judging?

For your body is but a devoted
and obedient servant

True to your word, it applies your affirmations,
adjusting your appearance to your self-evaluation

It even endures diseases settling inside your frame
when self-destruction occurs through noxious intake.

In sickness or in health,
know that your body still cherishes you

It only awaits your self-love and respect
so it can reciprocate

By mending and beautifying your whole being
as you fully embrace yourself.

A truth about your body?

Your body is more than what your eyes can see.
It is not just physical matter but a vibrating ball of energy
that vows to love and protect you from any afflictions

Though it is only when you take pride in yourself
and avoid the temptation to covet another body
that you can accept and appreciate yourself fully

BLOG IMAGE - the truth about your body 1.png

So with a knot tied with love,
your body, faithful to its vow, rejuvenates and heals you
from this day forward until death do you part.


Your words do not fall on deaf ears. As soon as you tell a dear soul what you want for yourself, what you desire to experience or to achieve, you make yourself accountable. And your ambitions may have sounded so unbelievably great or so uncommon than they marked the minds of the people listening. Often due to their pessimism, the listeners may have told you straight away that your objectives are unrealistic.

But the truth is that a concept, an idea generated by your mind, is a realistic and achievable target. But … this does not mean that this aim of yours would will be easily achieved, because if it were, you wouldn’t be breaking any limits set on your mind or body. The aim is to elevate yourself so you can achieve something that will bring you satisfaction, success, confidence and more…

So once your mind conceives an exciting, daring idea and you then start to express them in words, out loud, you are building up around this thought a belief that will protect and mentally project the realization of this concept.  

However, once you have expressed your intentions for a project to others, you will come across two reactions: One that will push you forward and one that will restrain and bind you to your average self.

But what people are thinking about your ambitions, whether they are encouraging or discouraging you, this should not be one of your concerns. What matters is that your behaviour matches your own words reflecting your own true intentions. So let your actions do the talking.

BLOG - actions speak louder than words .png

Take one step of action toward your goal. Then another and another. Blend your steps with a positive attitude, especially when you come across obstacles, and by doing so you will either get the result that you want, or something better.

Words are meaningless if they are only expressing what you want or whom you want to be, as opposed to whom you are. They are your actions and subsequently, the results you achieve from them, that show your authentic self.

So coincide your behaviour with your words – your belief in yourself, your self-trust, and your chances of success will increase. The belief and respect of others toward you will also grow, and with their esteem comes the reinforcement you can and must exploit to concretize your results.

However, when you don’t find yourself acting sincerely, ask yourself: what are you scared about? Failure? Because by not acting, you already failed. You would have failed in your mind, in your heart and in your life.

Acting is believing.

Acting is caring about giving to your mind what it craves.

Acting is revealing your mental and physical strength. 

Acting is proving to yourself and to others that you go after what you say you will, and that you keep your promises.

Acting is living up to your own expectations because you can always grow into your best self, as your potential is ever growing. 

Be primarily accountable to yourself and bring an end result via your physical or mental efforts for your own enjoyment, your own pride, and your own self-esteem. Your result becomes an inspiration not only to you but also to others – you become a leader, someone who can be looked up to, as you have provided undeniable proof of who you really are through your own actions.

The process of result in a nutshell:


+ Positive Words

+ Positive Belief 

+ Positive Action 

+ Positive attitude



It must be difficult for you to swallow.

You might not, in the unfairness of life, have the choice but to take in some dreadful news, make difficult decisions, or ingest any number of deplorable situations.

Indeed, adverse moments will sometimes sting you, troubling your heart and thoughts with poisonous and unwelcoming circumstances that you, unfortunately, cannot change. And this poison threatens to run into your veins and infect your life if you do not neutralize it by accepting these undesirable circumstances.

Every instance of pain and distress you encounter in your path can cease, once you acknowledge the hurt. And once you have courageously accepted it, you can allow your mind to make peace with it by letting it go. Accepting this unpleasant fact is the basic cure that will allow you to change your attitude toward the condition you find yourself in, because it does not serve you to linger on negatives that ruin moments you could be enjoying.

Indeed, regardless of your personal hurdles, each instant must be lived instead of spending time reassessing a past discontentment. As your time - though undoubtedly precious - is also limited… use it wisely by choosing to live happily.

So if you must fill a glass with your salted tears in order to help you swallow the pill stuck in your throat, then cry your heart out.

And once your attitude has shifted, then leave behind you, in your past, this poisonous news that threatened the happiness and peacefulness in your life.

Thus, afterward, once you have gulped down the negative, it will work as your medicine to reduce the aches that torment your heart, mind or body.

The effects of this remedy might take time to sink into your system, but it is certain that with time, the pain shall pass.

Even so, many other pieces of forthcoming news will make you ill with life itself and you may wonder how you are going to survive these difficult moments or situations that create disorder in your life.

But know whatever the pain you endure, if it is your wish, you can and will always recover. Even when you do not know which pill is the right one to take against the affliction, you can always find and confide in somebody for help. That someone could be a friend, a kin or a stranger, and may find for you the right words or the right touch for your complete recovery.

And moreover, from this unpleasant experience, your emotional immune system will have strengthened, as it has been tried by this suffering that life has forced your way.

This is not to say, though, that it will be emotionally easier to convalesce when you must once again affront another emotional or physical conflict. However, now you know that life can be unfair, but thanks to your previous difficulties, you have learned how to heal your spirit so that you can move on and reclaim what you deserve; your happy and healthy life.

Extract from the upcoming book, "A Truth About..."


When your tree is fortunate enough to bear fruit,
your labor does not cease once you have delivered
those sweet lives into this world.

At that moment, you are assigned to lead your brood
not just through their stages of growth but way beyond,
as your labor only ends with the end of your life.

But while they mature under your caring love,
they must bite into the sweetness of your own existence
so theirs can be whole, to appreciate the juiciness of life

And while their roots must grow under your care, 
the pot you nestled them in their first days
must be removed so they can grow without limitation.

Allow them to explore the wild and the soil of life,
and while you continue to guide them into the wilderness
do not let them fall into the traps you once fell into.

Those deep holes where you have encountered
the hostile darkness and lingering bitterness
that robbed you too soon of your juvenile spirit.

Become instead the guardian of their rawness
and their innocent thirst for life will blossom,
ripening a loving foundation for the world to cultivate. 

A truth about children?

They are sweet beings who revive the sweetness of life.
They live now, in the present moment,
unaware of the days yet to come.

They are small beings expressing emotions
with such truthfulness that they remind you
of the freedom that comes from expressing yourself.

So while you train them to survive life’s deforestation,
they are actually teaching you that their loving, innocent nature
is the organic way to overcome this inhumane movement.

For they have both the necessary energy and the will to do so
when you allow their virgin spirit to thrive,
and preserve the sweet nature they brought into this world.

Extract from the upcoming book, "A Truth About..."


 Who are you?
Who do you think you are?

Do you truly know yourself?
Do you, really?

So do you know you are a winner?
Do you realise you won your first race
and then claimed your life as the prize?

They say a leopard can’t change his spots;
thus, born as a winner, you ought to live as a winner,
you have to accomplish, you have to achieve.

How can you achieve if you do not take on challenges?
You need to dare.

How can you win if you do not start the race?
You need to choose your lane.

Though unlike your first race
you do not need to win at the cost of others’ failures.

Competition with others is over
and competition with yourself, with you alone has begun.

So choose your track, set the prize
and run until the finish line

Because this is how you get to know yourself,
this is how you find your limit,
this is how you develop your strengths

And this is how you discover your inner power
showing you that you are not just ordinary,
you are truly extraordinary.

A truth about yourself?

You were born a winner
you ought to live as a winner.

Take on your second race, win it
Take on your third race, win it
Take on your fourth race, win it

Keep on racing.
Keep on running.
Keep on winning.

Because the truth
is that there is no finish line,
not even the day you die.