Extract from the upcoming book, "A Truth About..."



Who are you?
Who do you think you are?

Do you truly know yourself?
Do you, really?

So do you know you are a winner?
Do you realise you won your first race
and then claimed your life as the prize?

They say a leopard can’t change his spots;
thus, born as a winner, you ought to live as a winner,
you have to accomplish, you have to achieve.

How can you achieve if you do not take on challenges?
You need to dare.

How can you win if you do not start the race?
You need to choose your lane.

Though unlike your first race
you do not need to win at the cost of others’ failures.

Competition with others is over
and competition with yourself, with you alone has begun.

So choose your track, set the prize
and run until the finish line

Because this is how you get to know yourself,
this is how you find your limit,
this is how you develop your strengths

And this is how you discover your inner power
showing you that you are not just ordinary,
you are truly extraordinary.

A truth about yourself?

You were born a winner
you ought to live as a winner.

Take on your second race, win it
Take on your third race, win it
Take on your fourth race, win it

Keep on racing.
Keep on running.
Keep on winning.

Because the truth
is that there is no finish line,
not even the day you die.