What have you decided today? What did you decide for yourself when you opened your eyes to the dawn of a new day?

If you can recall what your first thoughts were, then that is what you accept into your existence.

These morning thoughts, with their fishing ropes or nets, pull from the stream of life the events, the circumstances and the people that have occupied your mind.

­­­And regardless of your catch of the day, whether it is filled with light or heavy-hearted situations, you will carry it on your shoulders unless you decide firmly to release back to the torrent what is weighing you down.  

However, since it is never too late, throughout your day you can take control and decide to open your net to select only the best catch. That which brings a smile to your face, that which makes you feel successful, loved, appreciated… and anything less than that, you can throw back into the tumultuous stream.  

Otherwise, the heaviness of these negatives will bring you down to your knees and make you incapable of moving towards what could have been the greatness of your day.

So remember: in the morning as you wake up, focus on what you want to fill your net with, because this is what is going to nourish or pollute your soul during your daily excursion as you step out into the world.

Harness your mind with words that will entrap goodness in your vibrational field.

Surround yourself with the people who make you feel vibrant and loving, people who nurture their and your beliefs in the beauty and success you can experience each day in your life.

And one day, because you will have mastered your mind so well, your thoughts will only fish out the favorable events rendered by life. As you will have cleansed the stream of negatives, regrets and fears that were once swelling inside your mind.

Thus, as you wake in the morning, choose your thoughts. Let them be positively spirited as you focus on having already caught them in your netting.   

And even if you are not sure what the river of life can offer you, then just say in the morning, before you have even opened your eyes, “thank you”. And so, by thinking or saying, “thank you’’ for what this flow of nature can provide for you, you allow your thoughts to let go of any apprehension. It’s as if you were laying on your back and letting the flow of the river guide you safely throughout the day, while avoiding the hurtful rocks that jam and counteract the smooth flow of life’s current.

Therefore, by simply saying these two words, you can be assured that whatever you will receive today, you will be grateful for. As you allow the drift itself to select what it knows is best for you this present day.