Extract from the upcoming book, "A Truth About..."




When your tree is fortunate enough to bear fruit,
your labor does not cease once you have delivered
those sweet lives into this world.

At that moment, you are assigned to lead your brood
not just through their stages of growth but way beyond,
as your labor only ends with the end of your life.

But while they mature under your caring love,
they must bite into the sweetness of your own existence
so theirs can be whole, to appreciate the juiciness of life

And while their roots must grow under your care, 
the pot you nestled them in their first days
must be removed so they can grow without limitation.

Allow them to explore the wild and the soil of life,
and while you continue to guide them into the wilderness
do not let them fall into the traps you once fell into.

Those deep holes where you have encountered
the hostile darkness and lingering bitterness
that robbed you too soon of your juvenile spirit.

Become instead the guardian of their rawness
and their innocent thirst for life will blossom,
ripening a loving foundation for the world to cultivate. 

A truth about children?

They are sweet beings who revive the sweetness of life.
They live now, in the present moment,
unaware of the days yet to come.

They are small beings expressing emotions
with such truthfulness that they remind you
of the freedom that comes from expressing yourself.

So while you train them to survive life’s deforestation,
they are actually teaching you that their loving, innocent nature
is the organic way to overcome this inhumane movement.

For they have both the necessary energy and the will to do so
when you allow their virgin spirit to thrive,
and preserve the sweet nature they brought into this world.