You entered the game the day you were born. 

And as you grew, you watched your instructors perform the game of life, and you often unconsciously decided to mimic their tactics and tackle life with their techniques, or choose your own way to compete.

And with the rules laid out by the society you live in, you are implementing everything you’ve learned, with the aim of scoring and accumulating points in every area of your life. The more points you get, the more fulfilled this specific aspect of your life will be.

Your adversaries, though, are trained to get the ball from you, and in your struggle to take it back, you lose your confidence regarding your mental or physical performance. You could run after them, tiring yourself out until you finally give in.

That is why, it is only when you have been trained to never give up, but to keep going, that you eventually get the ball back in your hands.

And this is why you must first train your mind to push you into action, and then exercise your body to make you act. And by doing that consistently, you will always know how to get the ball back - because your opponents will perpetually and patiently or sneakily look for your moments of weakness or inattention to make you lose the ball once again.

So when you have lost it and are running after them to get it back, your focus must be on your goals, your rewards and the cheering exclamations of your supporters; all this will give you the strength and skill required to stay on track. Moreover, when you score, it is not only a gain for yourself, as you also elevate the spirit of the crowd that is supporting you.

Thus, if you are not yet competent in the game of life, then your consistent belief in yourself, and your consistent training of your mind and body will help you prevail.

Then, when you humbly look around you, you will see that you are surrounded by a team. This team is yours, set up by synchronicity to help you win the game. So your partners will lead you and support you by catching the ball you throw at them whilst surrounded by your adversaries. And your team will dribble the ball for you and even move you forward on the pitch until together you play as one to find the solutions for you to make your goal.

Then, once you have scored, you must keep your defense and prepare to keep playing, as you are always back to square one – as your opponents are in possession of the ball and immediately, you must retrieve it and bring it back to your court. But notice that the more you score, the easier it will be to get the ball back. Because scoring gives you more strength, more stamina, more desire to keep going in that direction as you experience being a winner.

And remember that you have a set time to play the game. Stay focused though: do not look at the clock ticking, telling you the time you have left until your game is over. Only focus on what really matters, which is to bring your best efforts, your abilities, your love and passion so you can achieve for your life a high score. So to all of your matches, bring your A game.