It must be difficult for you to swallow.

You might not, in the unfairness of life, have the choice but to take in some dreadful news, make difficult decisions, or ingest any number of deplorable situations.

Indeed, adverse moments will sometimes sting you, troubling your heart and thoughts with poisonous and unwelcoming circumstances that you, unfortunately, cannot change. And this poison threatens to run into your veins and infect your life if you do not neutralize it by accepting these undesirable circumstances.

Every instance of pain and distress you encounter in your path can cease, once you acknowledge the hurt. And once you have courageously accepted it, you can allow your mind to make peace with it by letting it go. Accepting this unpleasant fact is the basic cure that will allow you to change your attitude toward the condition you find yourself in, because it does not serve you to linger on negatives that ruin moments you could be enjoying.

Indeed, regardless of your personal hurdles, each instant must be lived instead of spending time reassessing a past discontentment. As your time - though undoubtedly precious - is also limited… use it wisely by choosing to live happily.

So if you must fill a glass with your salted tears in order to help you swallow the pill stuck in your throat, then cry your heart out.

And once your attitude has shifted, then leave behind you, in your past, this poisonous news that threatened the happiness and peacefulness in your life.

Thus, afterward, once you have gulped down the negative, it will work as your medicine to reduce the aches that torment your heart, mind or body.

The effects of this remedy might take time to sink into your system, but it is certain that with time, the pain shall pass.

Even so, many other pieces of forthcoming news will make you ill with life itself and you may wonder how you are going to survive these difficult moments or situations that create disorder in your life.

But know whatever the pain you endure, if it is your wish, you can and will always recover. Even when you do not know which pill is the right one to take against the affliction, you can always find and confide in somebody for help. That someone could be a friend, a kin or a stranger, and may find for you the right words or the right touch for your complete recovery.

And moreover, from this unpleasant experience, your emotional immune system will have strengthened, as it has been tried by this suffering that life has forced your way.

This is not to say, though, that it will be emotionally easier to convalesce when you must once again affront another emotional or physical conflict. However, now you know that life can be unfair, but thanks to your previous difficulties, you have learned how to heal your spirit so that you can move on and reclaim what you deserve; your happy and healthy life.