Extract from the upcoming book, "A Truth About..."



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You won’t believe it
Are you ready for this?
Take heed of what you are about to hear.

The gossiping is about you.
Now open your eyes… see?
The finger is pointing at you

Slanderers are spilling their tongues out,
blasting your way of life or debating your merits
without seeing your perspective.

these defamers divulge your so-called secrets, 
parodying a chapter of your life

And their phony version of your story
spreads into the minds of avid listeners,
who are eager, perhaps, to echo it. 

It may be shocking, even saddening for you
to have your secrets whispered away, 
and so you must feel the pain of being unfairly defamed

But what a fate these gossipers have chosen,
for their karmic debt must be settled
and rest reassured, it is a fair price to pay. 

A truth about gossiping?

It is the tongue speaking evil
It is disclosing treasured secrets
It is intolerance and verbal dissonance

So a sad truth it is
that everyone, including you,
is guilty of it. 

Certainly, your tongue and lips have been made to chatter,
so keep babbling away while you point your finger

but rather than focusing on flaws
centre your attention on qualities

So when you come to speak about people
you now label them with loving words

As the words you used today to describe others
will come in time to define you.