Your words do not fall on deaf ears. As soon as you tell a dear soul what you want for yourself, what you desire to experience or to achieve, you make yourself accountable. And your ambitions may have sounded so unbelievably great or so uncommon than they marked the minds of the people listening. Often due to their pessimism, the listeners may have told you straight away that your objectives are unrealistic.

But the truth is that a concept, an idea generated by your mind, is a realistic and achievable target. But … this does not mean that this aim of yours would will be easily achieved, because if it were, you wouldn’t be breaking any limits set on your mind or body. The aim is to elevate yourself so you can achieve something that will bring you satisfaction, success, confidence and more…

So once your mind conceives an exciting, daring idea and you then start to express them in words, out loud, you are building up around this thought a belief that will protect and mentally project the realization of this concept.  

However, once you have expressed your intentions for a project to others, you will come across two reactions: One that will push you forward and one that will restrain and bind you to your average self.

But what people are thinking about your ambitions, whether they are encouraging or discouraging you, this should not be one of your concerns. What matters is that your behaviour matches your own words reflecting your own true intentions. So let your actions do the talking.

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Take one step of action toward your goal. Then another and another. Blend your steps with a positive attitude, especially when you come across obstacles, and by doing so you will either get the result that you want, or something better.

Words are meaningless if they are only expressing what you want or whom you want to be, as opposed to whom you are. They are your actions and subsequently, the results you achieve from them, that show your authentic self.

So coincide your behaviour with your words – your belief in yourself, your self-trust, and your chances of success will increase. The belief and respect of others toward you will also grow, and with their esteem comes the reinforcement you can and must exploit to concretize your results.

However, when you don’t find yourself acting sincerely, ask yourself: what are you scared about? Failure? Because by not acting, you already failed. You would have failed in your mind, in your heart and in your life.


Acting is believing.

Acting is caring about giving to your mind what it craves.

Acting is revealing your mental and physical strength. 

Acting is proving to yourself and to others that you go after what you say you will, and that you keep your promises.

Acting is living up to your own expectations because you can always grow into your best self, as your potential is ever growing.


Be primarily accountable to yourself and bring an end result via your physical or mental efforts for your own enjoyment, your own pride, and your own self-esteem. Your result becomes an inspiration not only to you but also to others – you become a leader, someone who can be looked up to, as you have provided undeniable proof of who you really are through your own actions.


The process of result in a nutshell:


+ Words

+ Belief 

+ Action 

+ Positive attitude