Extract of the upcoming book "A Truth About... "


A blank piece of paper at the start of your day
becomes, at night, a letter filled with your expressions,
you annotated with your thoughts and reflections.


What does your letter say?

For it is being read and interpreted by the Universe
as requests to attract more of what you focused on that day,
so whatever has been said or thought is now coming about

And hence, for the good or the bad occurring in your life,
in full measure, only you are responsible for it all,
for it is the script of your own dialogue.

Rub off any words or thoughts negatively charged
and post instead, to the Recipient, a set monologue
that magnetizes whatever it is you long for.

With your senses, project your crafted future,
so you convey to your mind a clear picture
defined with such passion and appreciation

That your excitements are set in caps lock bold
as they jot themselves down on your correspondence

And with your moving messages,
you direct the Universe to deliver to your mailbox
what has been energetically expressed.

A truth about affirmations?

They are positive declarations that put you in charge of your life
They are statements predicting your next chapter
They are amendments that can rectify any imperfection

And sealed with sincere gratitude,
your letter, now enveloped in candid emotions
is stamped by the heart of the Universe

That then unleashes its cosmic energy
to mark every day in your calendar
as a red-letter day.