Extract of the upcoming book "A Truth About..."



Would you mind feeding your soul?
It is starving for attention

It is patiently coping with you
while you load and or overload the boat you journey in

And while all the junk accumulated burdens your ship,
it also forces it dangerously toward the depths of the sea.

It is through your tacit crew’s upkeep
that you can stay afloat 

Or else, probably sooner than later, 
you will be caressing the sand at the bottom of the deep.

Would it not be better to sail unburdened?
To now and then refrain from bringing on more cargo?

As no matter
how wrecked your ship is

it can be mended to its former glory
setting you to cruise the entire ocean of life. 

A truth about fasting?

It is the remedy for ailments rusting your vessel
It rids you from the excess slowing you down

and the energy released from processing intake
now works to repair your ship from the inside out. 

You are sailing your boat as the captain
and can navigate toward the map of health,

where you can draw from the water
to become enriched by your own private fountain of undying youth.