You decide on the path you want to take in your life.

You may choose the road of happiness, the road of love, the road of success, abundance or the path that leads to all. You name it.

So whatever your choice is, you probably get prepared, map in hand, and once you feel ready and steady, then off you go. Easy as pie – so you think – all you need to do is get from A to B.

Unfortunately, unexpectedly and annoyingly, on your journey to B, there are road works in your itinerary. The path you planned on taking has been torn apart and bright flashing light signals warn you that you cannot take this way to reach your desired destination.

diversion - drive-44363__480.png

Hmmm, not what you have been expecting. Now you are being redirected on a new road that you have never even considered using and additionally, this new direction is taking you way beyond your limits.

And so, you’ve started from A and now are being redirected to C, then to D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z to then finally arrive to B.

Gosh! You could have been at B with the snap of a finger. Why do you have to go through all of that deviation? What a ridiculous detour! A total waste of your precious time!

But do you really have a choice? If you still want to get to B, no, you do not. So faithfully, you get to follow the diverted traffic road signs placed along the route, and trust that this itinerary is going to test you and challenge your perseverance.

To start with, irritatingly, you will often think the road signs are useless, as they are more often than not confusing you. Indeed, even with the signalization, directions are not easy to follow and you sometimes end up lost, at dead ends… so you reverse back to the previous road sign and perhaps have to humble yourself and stop to ask people for directions.

Then once you are on the right track and get moving again, you follow the directives more attentively, more patiently, as it is rushing in the first place that got you lost.

Additionally, the narrow and difficult new routes you take will challenge your ability to pass through arduous times. Plus, on top of that, you will have to adapt to the new environment, to the people crossing your route, to the system and regulations and more.

Your boundaries are sure being tested, along with the depth of your desire to arrive at your chosen destination.

But what is the ignition that has initially gotten you started? What is the motive that made you move away from A?

Remembering the real reason, the “why?”, is the fuel that will feed your hunger to arrive at the end of your chosen path.

Just keep going, driven by your “why”, and throughout this diversion you get to discover new strengths; you get to educate yourself with the right code of conduct, which is the attitude you must have to move forward. You also get to realize that your desire to arrive at B surpasses all of the negatives you can come across. And for every milestone you go through, in that case from A to Z to get to B, for every single landmark, you gain in momentum with newer or improved qualities. And to sum them up, you become:

  • Adaptive

  • Courageous

  • Determined

  • Efficient

  • Focus

  • Goal-orientated

  • High-powered

  • Intrepid

  • Jubilant

  • Keen

  • Leader

  • Mindful

  • No excuses man/woman

  • Optimistic

  • Powerful

  • Quiescent

  • Risk taker

  • Skilled

  • Tenacious

  • Unique

  • Vivid

  • Worthy

  • X- traordinary

  • Your own self

  • Zealously Zen

  • And finally you become Brave.

Brave, because it takes a lot to chase your own desire and to never give up until the outcome has been fulfilled. It takes delay, detour, frustration, and courage to undertake a challenging path.

In your lifetime, you will aim for specific directions but you will get sidetracked by the circumstances of your day-to-day life and must afterwards undertake an un-chosen and unplanned route. So make sure that you have fueled your spirit with a positive attitude so you can face these unexpected changes with optimism and without a fear of failing. Believe in yourself and believe that the indications you receive will take you to where you want to be.

And now, there is something you must know. The truth is that the road was never under construction. It was an illusion, a reflection of yourself, as actually, you were the one that was under construction. Because sometimes you need to be broken, smashed, and drilled into so you can mature into a better self. And as you grow and mend, then you unveil qualities that otherwise would never have been dug up.  

DIVERSION - road-sign-1280242__480.jpg

So in the end, you will understand that this struggle was the perfect itinerary for you. And once you have reached B, enjoy your accomplishment. Share the news. Celebrate. You deserve it.

However, you must then prepare soon after to unfold your next map and again take the road that will lead to your next desire. And now you know that once more, you will be under construction. But today you understand that no matter how badly damaged the road is, there is always another way.

Following it is all you will have to do. Never stop, keep going and always trust the “signs”. They will always lead you to a better place and a better “you”.