Extract from the upcoming book, "A Truth About..."


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Until death do you part
You are stuck with your body 

Your mind and soul dwell inside your flesh,
not for an eternity but for a lifetime,
are youbound to each other.
So may you tie the knot with love.

Though if you are not in love with yourself
but instead feel discontentment,
then how appreciative will your body be
of what you yourself are judging?

For your body is but a devoted
and obedient servant

True to your word, it applies your affirmations,
adjusting your appearance to your self-evaluation

It even endures diseases settling inside your frame
when self-destruction occurs through noxious intake.

In sickness or in health,
know that your body still cherishes you

It only awaits your self-love and respect
so it can reciprocate

By mending and beautifying your whole being
as you fully embrace yourself.

A truth about your body?

Your body is more than what your eyes can see.
It is not just physical matter but a vibrating ball of energy
that vows to love and protect you from any afflictions

Though it is only when you take pride in yourself
and avoid the temptation to covet another body
that you can accept and appreciate yourself fully

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So with a knot tied with love,
your body, faithful to its vow, rejuvenates and heals you
from this day forward until death do you part.