Coming soon: A TRUTH ABOUT...

With Foreword by JACK CANFIELD Co-author of the New York Times #1 best-selling Chicken Soup For The Soul Series, and The Success Principles

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Invest 2 minutes reading a poem to optimise and enrich your life


"A Truth About…" reviews 52 key areas of your life through poetry to help you find happiness and fulfillment.  The poems in this collection gently but powerfully guide you toward solutions for problems you might have with your love life, friendships or work. They can help you set goals and discover your life purpose as you journey to the heart of who you really are, and find your life’s path.


“A Truth About …” is a reminder that you have always had the potential for being in perfect control of your life and destiny. You will find the answers you’ve been looking for as you allow the poems to help you reveal your authentic self and the meaning of this one life that has been gifted to you. You will learn that the search for happiness doesn’t have to be elusive. Living with positivity and heart can liberate you from limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Your words and thoughts have the power to heal your mind so you can enjoy a healthy and thriving existence.


With this book, rediscover your gratitude and appreciation for this wondrous life. Find the essence of your being, fulfill your dreams, and travel into the deepest parts of your mind so that you can embrace all the beauty that is available to you. Grab your life without limits, as transformation is always possible once you reclaim the infinite abundance that is your true self.